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Baseline has been servicing educational establishments for over 25 years. Through the design and production of prospectuses, exhibition graphics and various marketing materials for schools, numerous university colleges and private tutorial concerns, Baseline has developed a reliable reputation within the education arena.


Teacher training colleges, specialised business schools offering MBAs and associated professional qualifications, distance learning companies and the Ashmolean Museum have all benefited from the significant experience offered by Baseline in presenting Oxford as a unique and world-renowned centre of excellence.




Oxford is a collegiate university that comprises over forty self-governing colleges and halls, along with a central administration. Academic departments are located centrally within this structure and they are not affiliated with any particular college.


Baseline has long-standing working relationships with numerous colleges and faculties for whom we have provided professional design services and consultancy for many years –  from fundraising campaigns and alumni relations publications to special events publicity and visitor guide books.


Baseline has worked closely  with Head Teachers' and Development offices to help their schools improve and maintain the high standard of their  publications expected by staff, pupils and education authorities.


We have designed and produced prospectuses, year books, fundraising materials, and  collateral for many of the UK's top schools, publishers and education providers at primary and secondary levels.

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